Backyard mosquito treatment in winter

Winter in Westfield

With snow blanketing the ground and temps in the teens here in Westfield, backyard mosquito treatment shouldn’t be an issue.

However, we all know that mosquitoes “over-winter”

That means mosquito eggs will hatch at the first sign of warm weather.

We recently completed a “pre-pay” campaign with our customers. Current customers had the chance to pay in advance for next season.

While this comes with a sizable discount, there are other advantages to setting up your service in advance.

First, it is one less thing to worry about when spring arrives. You will be busy with cleaning. There is furniture to take out of storage. For some of you there is pool openings to consider.

Setting up service in advance means Mosquito Shield will be ready to deliver your backyard mosquito treatment when the time is right. We watch the weather. We monitor mosquito activity.

Our customers who have set up service for 2017 will have priority routing. They are in the system and set up for optimum treatment schedules.

These customers will get treated within the first 10 to twelve days of the season. This allows us to get ahead of the mosquito breeding cycle on those properties.

That advantage is essential in ensuring a positive result for those early-season, long weekends. Don’t forget, Memorial Day is at the end of May. Fathers Day is the second weekend in June.

Our customers with priority routing may get two treatments before these important milestones.

Wouldn’t it be great to be outside on Memorial Day or Fathers Day without the nuisance and threat of mosquitoes?

Mosquito Shield’s backyard mosquito treatment aims to do just that; allow our customers the freedom of outdoor living without the hassle of mosquitoes.

Call us at our Westfield office at (413) 642-6747 to discuss setting up your backyard mosquito treatment now. It may be winter, but warm weather is just around the corner.


Moshield’s backyard mosquito treatment