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Mosquito Shield discount 2018

Mosquito Shield has entered into our PrePay promotion for 2018. Our PrePay promotion offers the biggest discounts of the year. We give our current Mosquito Shield customers $100 off of the Full Season Service Plan. We offer our Tick Shield customers $50 off the Full Season Tick Service Plan. Signing up early has its advantages. For example, our customer get priority routing, they don’t have to monitor the weather to determine when to start service (we take care of that). Most of all, there is the savings. It is a reward we offer to our current Mosquito Shield customers because… Read more »

Mosquito techs in your yard

Who is in your backyard? Now that we are halfway through the season, we though it might be a good idea to let you know who has been walking around in your backyard. Mosquito Shield of Western Mass and Northern CT employs four full-time techs that will regularly be on your property. Because you have trusted us with access to your yard, we feel its important for you to know who we are. All of our techs are licensed in Massachusetts. Two also carry Connecticut licenses and are the primary techs for our Northern Connecticut properties. Jeremy Tanguay – Jeremy… Read more »

Mosquito alert in Western Mass

There is a mosquito alert in Western Mass and Northern Connecticut. This one doesn’t come from a government agency. It comes from us. For the first time in three years, I saw a mosquito in my yard. The experience pointed out to me the strength of our product and service. There were three mosquitoes that gathered around our porch on Saturday night. We treat the foliage around the porch, the railings, and the gutter line. At first, I was surprised to see them and little bit concerned. Is the mosquito population that bad already that this trio of miscreants was… Read more »

Mosquitoes bring Zika virus to Boston

By now we have all heard about Zika, the latest disease to be carried by mosquitoes and passed on through mosquito bites. This is the story from the Boston Herald: The Boston Public Health Commission today announced that one case of the Zika virus has been confirmed in the city — the first of its kind in the Bay State. The patient, a Boston resident, contracted the virus when traveling in a country where transmission is ongoing, health officials said. The patient is expected to make a full recovery. Zika virus is a germ that is spread to people through… Read more »

Mosquito Control in 2016

It has taken some time for winter to settle in here in Western Mass and Northern Connecticut. In fact, we’re surprised there haven’t been any calls for mosquito control and tick service given the 60 degree temps through November. Our Mosquito Shield trucks have been put away but we would’ve found a way to get out there. While the trucks are in hibernation, Mosquito Shield of Western Mass and Northern Connecticut is still hard at work perfecting the process of keeping mosquitoes and ticks out of your yard. When the 2016 season rolls around, we are going to introduce FlexBlend… Read more »