West Nile Virus in Ludlow

West Nile Virus has been found in Ludlow, Chicopee, and according to a report today, Springfield.

There has been so much attention paid to the Zika virus in the past few months that people have forgotten about West Nile.

There are other mosquito-born disease out there. West Nile virus, EEE, and dengue fever all can have a significant impact on your health.

Quite frankly, here in Western Mass and Northern Connecticut we are far more likely to contract one those viruses than the Zika virus.

We were featured on Western Mass News today.

The discussion was about the West Nile impacting towns in Western Mass. Reporter Samara Abramson asked if we are hearing from people concerned about Zika.

We will get the occasional comment, but most of our customers really want the peace of mind that comes with not having to fend off mosquitoes in their backyards. It is about spending quality time in your yard without being chased inside.

We have treated hundreds of properties in towns like Amherst, Agawam, Belchertown, Ludlow, Wilbraham, and Westfield.

The results have been amazing.

Most of our customers have a new expectation level when it comes to being outside. They expect a mosquito-free experience. They expect our service technicians to be out on the property every 10-14 days to retreat with our proprietary Mosquito Protection Blend.

Mosquito Shield technicians know what to look for when it comes to fighting mosquitoes. They turn over containers with standing water, remove items that might collect water, and seek out harboring areas to treat.

The service doesn’t protect against viruses, but it has dramatically reduced the mosquito threat in backyards around the Valley.

We are currently at our half-season pricing (we treat right though October) and can provide you with a mosquito protection plan for just $249. We also treat for events like outdoor weddings and parties.

If you are looking for more information on how Mosquito Shield of Western Mass can help you, contact us at (413) 642-6747.


Mosquito Techs on the job